Greeting A Newfoundland Dog

newfoundland-dogA woman walked by with her Newfoundland dog while I waited for the bus this morning. It’s a 2 year old female, small for its age: 130 pounds (the dog, not the woman). A beautiful, friendly animal (the dog, not the woman, although she was nice too).

I quickly judged the dog’s temperament, seeing it was friendly, then said “Good morning” to the woman, asking about the dog’s age and name. A Newfoundland dog is tough as a rock, but friendly as you can imagine. I wanted to tackle it to the ground and play with it – a beautiful dog.

Funny that I’d want to know the dog’s name before the woman’s (I didn’t even ask her).

A friend just got a dog.  A mix of this and that; a mutt, which I have no bias against: I’ve owned more than one. He brought it to our house on the weekend; like all puppies, it was cute and lovable, but I didn’t have an affinity toward it like I’ve had toward other dogs. Like people, some dogs I can relate to better than others. THAT’S RIGHT!

The first dog I personally owned (opposed to one my parents got when I lived with them) was from the SPCA in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where my girlfriend (now wife) volunteered. A cross between a beagle and lab, I think, he was a dog I immediately attached to: friendly, kind, gentle, intelligent… like me! Yeah.

We visited a Newfoundland dog breeder in New Glasgow about 10 years ago, as I described in a previous post. It was fun. If I was rich and lived in the country, it’s something I think I’d enjoy – raising dogs.

My Motorcycle Is New Again

I picked my ’78 Honda 550k motorcycle today after it spent a week at the shop. It needed a new rear tire (you could see the threads), plus the shifter gasket was replaced, and standard stuff was adjusted: valves, carbs… [insert engine lingo].

It runs BEAUTIFULLY now: quieter and smoother. Having a good mechanic work on a motorcycle is like getting a new bike in the end.

Irishtown Cycle did the work. Highly recommended. He’s an independent guy out in the boonies, but he knows what he’s doing and he does it for a reasonable price. I phoned Toys For Big Boys, a Honda motorcycle dealer, before taking the bike to Irishtown, since they’re a lot closer and they’re an “official” Honda dealer, but they were hesitant about working on my 1978 bike, saying it would probably cost a LOT.

What Is Cold-fx And Does It Work?

cold-fxCold-fX is a drug developed in Canada that…

…can be used both for the prevention as well as relief of cold and flu infections… [It’s a] highly purified natural product obtained from roots of North American ginseng. It is comprised of poly-furanosylpyranosyl-saccharides.

I get a lot of colds and they tend to stick with me for months. I’ve had more than one person recommend this product to me, so I checked its price at Costco: 60 bucks for 180 capsules! Holy shit! The manufacturer, CV Technologies, IS making record profits, as expected (greedy bastards). The company uses a LOT of celebrity endorsements, which I don’t care about, but I suspect it helps their sales a lot. Macleans magazine wrote an article about its popularity, calling it “the celebrity cure”.

Has anyone else tried it? Maybe ginseng and Vitamin C supplements would be just as effective.

Update (Feb. 22, 2007): I’ve been taking Cold-fx since I first posted this and I’ve gotten a cold about once a month. It doesn’t work. I’m ALSO taking 1000mg of Vitamin C and multi-vitamins everyday. I just don’t wash my hands often enough, I guess.