Retail Disobediance

Customer Confidential is a well-written, amusing description of what happens when someone refuses to show their receipt at Costco and Wal-mart: …there were about a dozen customers in line for “receipt review” at the exit. That represented about six extra minutes that I wasn’t being paid for, and so I rolled toward freedom. The employee “reviewing” receipts left the line and cheerfully said, “I’m going to have to see your

A Fountain Of Diet Coke

I first saw the Mentos eruption on MythBusters, where they dissected its cause and also broke the world record with a 33 foot high geyser (or something around there). Buy a package of Mentos. They’re a mint candy that come in a cylinder wrapper. Get the regular flavor. Buy a big bottle of Diet Coke Cola. I haven’t tried other brands because I’ve read that brand works the best, but

Dreaming Of People You Don’t Really Know

Last night I dreamt I met most of the people I only know through email and websites, people I haven’t met in person: Jim, Ashley, Rebecca, Darren, J-Walk… My family drove to this wooden, rickety toll booth where Jim was sitting, with headphones and a cigarette, ranting into a microphone. He smiled and waved us through into Whole Wheat Radio Land: a dirt road leading into a campground-like area: lots