“The Departed” Review

null The Departed is the most fun I had watching a movie in a movie theatre in 2006. (The packed audience was into the movie, everyone jumping, reacting, listening, dreading at the same moments. I’m happy to watch most movies with a minimal audience, but in this case, my initial viewing experience may have been improved by the presence of such a good audience.)

It’s been well over a decade since Martin Scorsese made a worthwhile film. Now, with The Departed, he’s hit a grand-slam home-run right out of the park. It’s great to see Scorsese return to form at what he does best: the crime drama. This isn’t a retread of old territory like Casino. Although he does a few things we’ve seen before, it’s fresh and exciting and fantastic. It reminds me of how cool it was to watch Goodfellas for the first time. Both movies glorify the criminal lifestyle; even though things are not likely to turn out well for anyone who lives that life, for the young and impressionable, Goodfellas and The Departed kind of make you want to be a criminal. The Departed may not the greatest Scorsese, but it’s certainly one of the most entertaining.

“Red River” is a Good Old Fashioned Western

I agree with everything Roger Ebert says, that Red River is a film that captures “the exhilaration of being on a horse under the big sky with a job to do and a paycheck at the other end. [It is] one of the greatest of all Westerns…”

It’s a bit chauvinist in its portrayal of women, but it’s easy to overlook such qualities because it is so damn entertaining (things I can’t easily say about other so-called classic Westerns such as The Searchers).

Comments on “An Inconvenient Truth”

An Inconvenient Truth isn’t really a movie. It’s a message about global warming and the end of the world in the form of a presentation given by Al Gore. But it’s solid science and it’s still worth watching — even if you think you already know everything about global warming. Even if temperature on the planet isn’t being affected by man-made pollution, it’s still pollution that’s slowly poisoning ecosystems around the world. So why not do something about it?

The trailer is a bit sensationalized for my tastes, but anyway:

My only criticism: It’s a mistake having a politician present the information.

(My brother wrote a post about it too.)