A Resume’s First Impression

You’ve got 30 seconds – A Glimpse and a Hook describes how a typical IT manager quickly scans resumes for potential job candidates, knowing what to look for and what to ignore. Knowing the current industry lingo may work for a recruiter, but not for the person who’s going to conduct the job interview. This is a good read for those wanting to get hired and those hiring.

I’ve been involved in reviewing resumes and conducting job interviews, in addition to working in various positions in software development field, so I know what to look for. The resume HAS to stand out in some way, but it also shouldn’t try to pull the wool of one’s eyes with techno-babble and generalization.

Those Irritating Tags On The Back Of Shirt Collars

t-shirt with no label on the backOn the back of most shirts is a stiff tag that tells you where the garment was made and how to wash it; however, its main purpose is to scratch the back of your neck and make you look retarded as it sticks out like a surrender flag waving in the air.

On my last trip to the U.S. I found Fruit Of The Loom t-shirts that had no tags! The information was printed on the back of the t-shirt instead, where the tag would be. After repeated washings the information is still legible, AND you can’t see the writing through the shirt; it’s unobtrusive.

Now pillow manufacturers need to follow suit.

Who Ordered a Virgin With Their Pizza?

virgin mary on pizza panFaithful see vision of Virgin Mary on school pizza pan:

What the women saw was an image that is unmistakable to them. It drew so much attention the pan was moved to a nearby home, where it has become the center of a shrine.
“I see an image of the Blessed Mother,” said worshipper Vincent Santiago. “That’s what I see.”

How can anyone take this seriously? I wouldn’t want these people around my children.

I wonder if my cat’s excrement would sell on ebay if that image suddenly appeared in their litter box. Anyone want to try it?

Roll Up the Rim To Win (But Probably Lose)

As EVERY Canadian knows, Roll Up The Rim To Win is Tim Hortons’ annual contest that features their red and yellow cups labeled with prizes you can win. You peel back the rim to see if you have “WIN DONUT” or if you have to “PLEASE PLAY AGAIN / RÉSSAYEZ S.V.P. ©”

roll up the rim to win tim hortons

I’m going to try to keep track of my losing. I usually buy two cups of coffee a day. It’ll probably be three now.

Jody’s Roll Up The Rim To Win Statistics (Updated Mar. 13, 2007)

  • Number of wins: 2
  • Numbers of loses: 21
  • Total: 23

Percentage of wins: 9%

What I won

  • Donut: 1
  • Coffee: 1
  • $1000 cash: 0
  • iPod nano: 0
  • 42″ Plasma TV: 0
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid: 0

Total amount spent: $33.81
Value of amount won: $2.94

I’ve posted about the contest before, which was so popular (i.e. the post) that it received so many stupid comments that I had to shut that function off.

Update (March 13, 2007): I stopped buying Tim Hortons’ coffee. Money’s a bit tight around the house now, so I’m drinking the sludge provided for free at work instead. No more irregular updates to this post, if any at all.

Cream Cheese And Jam

The kids and I have been eating too much of this lately, courtesy of Harlan Ellison:

You can use ANY KIND of bread, but for optimum swell, I urge you to get a nice (still warm, if possible) slice of good Jewish corn rye. And then you cover it completely to the perimeter, but not TOO thickly, with room temp cream cheese. Philadelphia of the whipped variety is peachy for this. And then you slather on a layer of jam. You can use any flavor you like best, but if you want it Serita R. Ellison-style, stick to strawberry in first place, raspberry in second, grape in third.
Not too much, so it runs off the sides, but enough to make sure every bite gets you a gestalt of jam and cream cheese.

It’s called a Bar-Le-Duc.

(Quoted text is Copyright © 2007 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation. All rights reserved.)