No Hacking Matter

B.C. firm to show off quantum computer:

A Vancouver-area company is set to publicly demonstrate its new quantum computer next week in what may be the first time the paradigm-shifting technology leaves the research laboratory.
Quantum technology could revolutionize the computer industry by allowing systems to simultaneously perform multiple calculations where traditional computers would have to perform them one at a time.

This is astounding if they pull it off. Quantum computing will revolutionize the computer industry, along with all its related technologies: cryptography, numerical analysis, etc.

I have my doubts that the technology will ever be publicly available: hacking will get a lot easier because of it.

Cheap(er) Scotch In New Brunswick

liquidation saleThe New Brunswick Liquor Corporation has an annual liquidation sale where they want to make room for new inventory. I usually don’t pay attention to this because I don’t drink alcohol often, and what I do drink (i.e. scotch) usually isn’t on sale.

However, this sale includes some scotch I may have to stock up on:

  • Laphroaig 10. Regular $40.20, on sale for $30.15. This is an EXCELLENT deal for a superb scotch. I may have to buy a few bottles.
  • Balvenie 30. Regular $332.15, on sale for $249.11. I won’t be getting this – out of my price range, but I’d LOVE to try it – never had a scotch that old.
  • Caol Ila Cask Strength 1994. Regular $80.97, on sale for $60.73. I may get this.

The whisky begins on page 32 of their price list (PDF).