David Caruso and His Sunglasses

It’s bad acting or bad use of a prop or both; you decide. The person who sent it to me called it a “lethal combination of Prop + Actor.”

Does anybody watch CSI: Miami? After seeing these clips, I really feel like I’m missing out on a great show.

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  1. The reruns on A&E usually coincide with my dinner, and on Friday nights they run a whole slew of them back to back. It’s not the most popular of the CSIs – a lot of people find Horatio off-putting, even though I’m convinced he’s actually the best leader of the three of them (Grissom vs. Cane vs. Mac).

  2. i used to pine for cable and sometimes get the shakes and begin to call to get it installed….thank you for giving me the strength to resist the temptation….my kids will probably sue me once they realize that television shows do not have to be rented or purchased on a disc….

  3. I prefer the original CSI, especially if you can start from the first season. it always seemed like the darker version of all the CSI’s, and i could never get into any of the others. I have heard numerous people say they prefer the Miami version though.

  4. I’ve been downloading episodes of “24,” a show that is so bad it’s good. Excellent sound recording, though (must be a challenge with most of the chararcters dramatically whispering their lines and asking, “Do you trust me?” every 10 minutes), and excelelnt sound editing, but bad, bad, bad acting on par with that “CSI” clip, and the most ridiculous, yet deadly serious, storyline ever conceived. Great fun.

  5. battlestar galactica? this must be some modern version is it jody….cause i am still trying to understand battlestar galactica….

    give me the ole..sherlock holmes with jeremy brett and wkrp….ahhh i am happly sliding into middle age…

    then again what ever happened to “Alf”…now there was a show worth watching….

  6. He has the most terrible one liners, and he doesn’t deliver them very well. Grissom, from the original CSI, has equally bad one liners but has a much better delivery – he knows they’re cheesy, and plays it up.

  7. No, I read it and commented on it back when you first posted it, but for some reason I still had it marked as “saved” in my Bloglines account. Not realizing I’d already watched the clip, just forgot to unsave it, I watched and commented again. Ooops. Sorry!

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