Facebook Is MySpace For Adults

Facebook is another social network, but this one is the least annoying one I’ve found so far. As Pender wrote,

Where myspace looks like it’s tailored for 10-14 year olds, Facebook seems like it’s tailored for the aging 20+ crowd…

Its interface is MUCH easier to use – everyones’ page has a similar look and feel, with no annoying music or videos starting when the page is loaded. It’s not a commercial looking as MySpace.

Of course, a better social networking site will be discovered tomorrow.

None of them beat Whole Wheat Radio, though.

I’ve never participated in an online social network for long. I try them out for a week, then neglect them; nothing has compelled me to visit and update them.

Motorcycle Season Has Begun In Atlantic Canada

battery trickle chargerI bought a battery trickle charger today. “What the hell is that?”, you ask? It charges batteries at a trickle – slower than regular chargers, I guess.

Really, I have no bloody idea. Googling it didn’t help, although I spent 5 seconds looking.

I bought it because the weather is good enough to drive the motorbike, but mine failed to start; I forgot to take its battery out for the winter. I have a kick-start, but that didn’t work. I didn’t think the kick-start required a working battery.

I borrowed Steve‘s battery charger last year, but since I’ll be needing one every year, I decided to buy one. 50 bucks at Canadian Tire.

Wanna Buy A House Or Two?

  • 140 Logan Lane
  • 757 Frampton Lane

They’re not my houses. A co-worker heard I hosted other people’s websites on my dreamhost account and he was interested in creating sites for two houses he’s selling. “Sure”, I says, telling him what he needs to do to buy a domain. I then created an account for him.

I’m considering buying land and getting a house built. I hate having a house (30 years old) that requires lots of maintenance and upgrades, plus I think my house is too big.