lager good for breast milk

I glance at the search terms people use to find my site daily and spotted this one today:

lager good for breast milk

Classic. It’s an amusing source of entertainment. (which I’ve posted about before) addresses queries from the weblogs of Sedition┬Ěcom. For example, his latest post:

most popular month for killing yourself
I suspect popularity will elude you even in death.

I’m not witty enough to do such a project.

Update (Apr. 11, 2007): used this for its first guest-spot. Cool.

Bad Money Habits

Let’s see what I do from 10 nasty money habits to kick:

  • Spending without a budget.
    Yup, I do this. I used to use Microsoft Money, but I’ve gotten lazy and don’t track my spending anymore.
  • Carrying a balance on credit cards.
    I don’t do this.
  • Ignoring interest rates.
    I don’t do that. It’s why I never have an outstanding credit card balance, the greedy cocksuckers.
  • Not investigating disability insurance.
    I have that from work, but I don’t remember its details.
  • Failing to see how little purchases add up.
    I do see that impact, I just do little about it and that’s when the last item in the list comes in.
  • Not matching employer’s contribution to retirement.
    I don’t do that, meaning I DO match my employer’s contribution.
  • Waiting until the last minute to fund IRA.
    I don’t know what that is: it’s an American thing. I assume it’s something like our RRSPs in Canada, which I do invest in.
  • Paying everyone else, saving “what’s left.”
    I don’t do that, most of the time. I have automatic withdrawals every month to savings and investment accounts. I probably don’t put in the recommended 5% to 10% of your income, but at least it’s something.
  • Not managing your investments.
    Hmmmm, what do they mean by “manage”? I keep my annual statements about RRSPs and such. Does that count? I’ll say No to that.
  • Getting emotional about your investments.
    I do this when I live paycheck-to-paycheck, which is occurring more often lately. Plus working in the IT industry isn’t the most stable career, although I could probably find work easily.

Score: 4/10 things I do wrong, according to that list. Not bad.

(via Lifehacker)

God Almighty, On Video

Mr. Deity, a series a videos “…that looks at God and the Universe with a smile (and sometimes, a wink).” Episode 1, where God creates the universe:

The creator writes:

Our goal here is not to mock religion, but to use it as a foundation for the humor. I’m thrilled that so many religious people have written to tell me that they love the episodes. In future episodes, I intend to turn the tables a bit and poke fun at what I call the “angry atheists” (of whom I am not fond). We’ll see if they take it so well.