Are You Tired?

This morning my mom asked me if I was getting enough sleep; she said I looked tired and worn out. I think I’m getting enough sleep. There are a few things on my mind lately, but I don’t think they’re troubling me. Maybe I should shave more than once a week. [poll id=2]

Wanted: Talent

It’s still self-pity day. Bear with me. I find myself scrutinizing my kids’ behavior, trying to figure out if my kids have talent in any area, such as music or drawing. We’re not pushing them into anything – it’s a casual observation, hoping they’ll have an aptitude I wish I had. I see my son wanting to play with tools all the time, even though we haven’t given him anything,

Old Peanut Butter

So, it’s around 2pm and I’m getting hungry – I haven’t had lunch yet. I forgot my wallet at home, and all I have is a loaf of bread and gum on my desk. I don’t feel like eating plain whole wheat bread, but I see a jar of peanut butter at a co-worker’s cubicle. What the hell – he won’t mind. So I make a peanut butter sandwich. 5

Paycheck To Paycheck

It’s Self-pity Rant Day: I live paycheck to paycheck, having little money for extracurricular activities for the family. I can never afford to take distant vacations (say to Disneyland or the tropics), and I can’t afford house renovations that I require. I am not poor. I contribute to RRSPs, I have a car loan and mortgage, and I pay off my immediate debts. I only have a credit-line debt, and