Idle Wise

This is encouraging: Ottawa idling bylaw gets moving

An Ottawa committee will consider Tuesday a bylaw that would ban idling for longer than three minutes except under special circumstances.
…the bylaw would include exceptions for drivers stuck in traffic, as well as those trying to keep warm on days colder than 5 C or trying to keep cool by operating their vehicle’s air conditioner on days hotter than 27 C.

I think drive-thrus such as those at Tim Hortons (*gasp*) should be banned, too. It’s amusing and sad to see cars idling in line for minutes waiting for a a buck-fifty coffee. Park and walk in!

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  1. The only time I don’t park and walk in is if there are 2 or 3 cars in the lineup. Any more then that and I just walk in. But what pisses me off is that tim hortons has 8 people working the drive thru and 1 trainee working to floor. WTF? Balance it out would ya!

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