A Busy Weekend

We drove to Lower Sackville last Friday, coming back Saturday after driving to New Minas. Highlights of the trip:

  • Someone drove by in the opposite direction IN THE PASSING LANE of a divided highway; that’s right, he was driving in the wrong direction. That was near Moncton. I later thought I should’ve called the police.
  • Saw two deer cross an old highway, with a third almost doing it too, but turned back as I slowly approached.
  • Didn’t visit Pender. That wasn’t a highlight, though – I didn’t have time.

And today I finally rode my motorcycle the first time this year.

Cool Tuner

guitar tunerI had a good guitar tuner years ago and someone stole it. I remember buying it for about $80. It sells for about $200 now. I don’t have the greatest ear and so I’ve pretty much been playing an out-of-tune guitar for at least the past 10 years. I kinda like that. I didn’t bother buying a new tuner until yesterday. I needed one for my banjo.

So I went out and got this one that clamps on to the end of the guitar or banjo near the tuning pegs. The tuner picks up the vibrations that go up the neck. There’s no mic. It works with almost any instrument. The girl at the store said she uses it for her fiddle. It’s a good tuner for tuning in a loud room because it doesn’t cue off sound. It’s a chromatic tuner, too, which I think refers to its ability to read any note. I can hit C# and C# shows up in the display. Neat.

$42 after taxes in Canada. Works for me.

Crime Pays

Shoplifter awarded $12,000 in damages:

An admitted shoplifter has been awarded $12,000 for injuries he suffered during an altercation with a security guard and a store manager…
The store’s lawyer argued that Baines was the author of his own misfortune; that when he stole the razors he should have expected to get stopped, and that Baines shouldn’t have resisted when the security guard grabbed him.
In the end, B.C. Supreme Court Justice William Ehrcke ruled Baines did not deserve to be kicked or punched, and assessed damages at $15,000.


YouTube –> DVD?

I got a banjo last week and now I want to watch these Frailing Banjo Lessons posted on YouTube — but I don’t want to watch them on my PC monitor. The only time I watch a video on my PC (and these lessons are over 30 minute each) is when I’m working on the video — editing, etc. But when I want to have fun, sitting in front of my PC doesn’t cut it. So…

Does anyone know how to download YouTube videos (i.e., flash videos) and convert them to a file format (e.g., AVI, MPEG, MOV) that I can easily convert to DVD?

Vixy.net seems to freeze at the 90% mark during the conversion process (at least with these large videos). Any recommendations besides Vixy.net?