A Hockey Post

This is the time of year when every disenfranchised Canadian hockey fan whose team isn’t in the Stanley Cup finals must decide which is the lesser of the two remaining evils in the championship series. There are plenty of reasons, however, to wish both teams would lose. For the third year in a row we have a Stanley Cup series that pits the old against the new, a Canadian team

Wicked Baked Pasta Recipe

I found this recipe behind the fridge today (click image to enlarge). It’s a baked pasta I made up on the spot a few months ago. I’ve since made several variations of it, and it’s always delicious. The secret ingredients are cheese and ham — a.k.a. salt. Just don’t over-cook the pasta. Here’s what the little piece of paper says: ● 2-3 springs of fresh rosemary (chopped) ● roughly ground

Icebergs In Newfoundland

It’s iceberg season in Newfoundland. One of my relatives sent me these photos, taken near Cottrells Cove, a small community on the Northern coast of the island. Towering icebergs have floated near St. John’s as well. They’re quite a sight. (click an image for larger view) Update (Aug. 7, 2011): More photos of huge icebergs from off the coast of St. Anthony!

Will I See You in Hell?

I inadvertently made fun of a mentally challenged person today. I’m going to burn in Hell. Or — assuming my ticket to The Big H was waiting for me already, which is a fairly safe assumption — one of those deeper, more painful inner circles of Hell. (I would imagine The Eagles Greatest Hits CD plays there non-stop.) How about you? Are you going to hell? Tell me why. I’m