A Review Of Spider-man 3

animated spider-man dancingI saw Spider-man 3 yesterday. It’s long. Stuff of note:

  • Every character cries at least 3 times in the movie, with Peter Parker crying about 20, I think.
  • The action scenes are fast and confusing; you often can’t see tell what happens because the shots are too close-up or quick. I think the best action scene of all the spider-man movies is the train one from the 2nd movie, where spidey fights Dr. Octopus and tries to stop the train from crashing.
  • There’s a villain I never heard of before – some black, spider-ish thing that was never in the cartoon from the 60s or the comic books from the 70s.
  • The attempts at comedy are lame, except when Parker is trying to act cool while he’s possessed by the alien black plastic gunk. The scene where he’s walking in the city made me laugh. I could just picture the actor having fun with it.
  • The 1st two movies are summarized in 60 seconds in the opening credits.
  • You will forget the movie the next day, unless you write a stupid blog entry about it.

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