Video Game Recommendations?

Jenny and I are thinking of renting of a video game console over a long weekend sometime, preferably during a long weekend when it’s raining. We’re going to veg and play video games night and day. I’m talking about pulling out the futon and setting up the living room and not moving for the whole weekend.

We’re looking for games we can start playing on a Friday night and complete by Sunday night, preferably games we can play against each other, or at least take turns playing. We prefer action-oriented games, not role-playing games, though if you can make a good case for a role-playing game we can finish over a weekend, we’ll think about it.

I like racing games. Need for Speed: Most Wanted was just right for me. It wasn’t insane blurry cars moving at the speed of light like Burn Out. It was fun without being too complicated and silly. I don’t care about storyline. I just want to sit down and play the game, and if I can’t figure out the basics is less than 20 minutes, I’m pulling the plug.

Jenny likes outer space shooting games where you basically spend most of your time blowing stuff up. She’s more into games with plot than me, working her way through various levels, etc. She might even be happy with a contemporary version of Super Mario.

I am not “a gamer.” Neither is Jenny. But once in a while we enjoy playing mindless video games.

Any recommendations?

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  1. (PlayStation 2) Cookies and Cream, Gauntlet, Baldur’s Gate (and others in the franchise), SSX. Those are the best 2 player games I can think of right away. Julie and I finished Gauntlet together. Cookies and Cream is pretty hard and involves a lot of co-player coordination. SSX is surprisingly fun. I despise snow boarding yet it is one of my favorite games.

  2. My wife’s niece brought American Idol over and it was kind of fun trying to karaoke along to the music. You would then get hummiliated by the judges. It’s good for laughs with company. I don’t think I would just sit there and play it by myself though.

  3. I’m stuck on “mindless video games”.. I think a lot more while playing games than I do watching movies or listening to music, or doing most other things in life for that matter.

    I hear the wii is fun cause you get to participate sorta in the game you’re playing with actions and stuff. I’ve never tried it but I’m guessing the system is selling like competitively priced solid gold hotcakes for a reason. I saw conan o’brien play wii tennis against serena williams, it looked fun.

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