Paul Jackson Is No Einstein

The Friendly Atheist points out the ignorance spewed in the article Atheist author no Einstein: Paul Jackson [the article’s author] has a lot of say about Richard Dawkins and The God Delusion. Unfortunately for him, it’s almost all wrong. I find it hard to fathom why a newspaper would allow such asinine, biased views to be published. The article serves no purpose other than to inflame those already inflamed by

Cheap C To D Battery Convertor

Quick hack: The $1 C-to-D adapter: You want to power your gizmo that runs on D cells, but all that you have handy are C cells… you can solve this problem by using the C cell and making up the battery length difference with a few quarters— typically three or four. I haven’t tried it. Will the voltage difference screw up the electronic device? I’d give it a go, though.

Wacky Canacky For Sale – Cheap!

Wacky Canacky, made from organic, dried Canadian red maple leaves, should be a staple in every household. It’s an attractive garnish, but also makes a great substitute for confetti and packing material. Bring a taste of Canada to your kitchen! (Thanks to for coining the phrase)

I’m A Millionaire!

I can finally quit my job and work on Steel White Table full-time! I received this email today: I am BARRISTER MENTUS EDEN the Attorney to your late uncle Engr.J.B .CAIRNS (Snr) a contractor with the Federal Government of lome-togo,until his death last two years ago in political crisis in Abidjan capital of Cote d’Ivoire,He Banked with Standard Trust Securities,lome-togo and had a closing balance as at the end of

I Need Two Friends

I’m filling in the online application for a Canadian passport and I’m at the References section: The persons indicated as references may be contacted to confirm your identity. Provide names and contact information for TWO individuals that meet the following requirements: – have known you for at least TWO years, – are not related to you. Who wants to pretend to be my friend? No compensation will be provided. Update