Pubic Nose Hair

pubic nose hairNose hair is becoming a predominate sign of my age; in particular, I have ONE thick, white strand poking out of my left nostril like a white flag of surrender. I noticed it a few weeks ago. It’s the only sign of my age that bothers me.

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  1. You could grow a mustache… that would hide them.

    Now and then, you feel a tickle and you just know there is a nose hair that is out of place or too long. I was driving once and felt one such tickle. I tried hard to get a grip on the hair (I’m sure to everyone around me it looked like I was scoring big on a booger) and yanked out the hair. Well, I caught one that was about an inch and a half long! It was attached somewhere up between my eyeballs, I’m sure. My eyes watered, my nose hurt, and it felt like I’d just snorted a handful of pepper!

    Moral of the story… be careful! Don’t pluck and drive.

  2. yeah jody you motherplucker…you plucking bastard….this plucks…

    sorry for the double standard steve..i think i am the gimpy brother jody never had….hang on… he did have phillip…

  3. I barely hate to mention this, but you’ve had nosehair problems ever since I’ve known ya.

    I can’t pluck em, hurts too much. I use cuticle scissors and cut em.

    Next you’ll be pulling them out of your ears.

  4. I’m 25, and no grey yet, but I just noticed something that was strange, and decided to check the internet for other people weird enough to post about it.

    I noticed one hair sticking out a bit, and pulled it. It’s a normal one; thick, strong, and about 1/2″ long… But it’s completely transparent. I can see right through it, as if it was made of glass. I will have to mount it above the fireplace…


  5. Hi
    I am 33 and I too have a habit of plucking out hairs from my nose ( i know this sucks but cant help !)
    I am getting while hairs 2 out of 10 times now…Any significance?


  6. What do they want?????????

    Im 30 years old and have had these two white tusks growing out of my right nostril for over two years, there is no pattern, they come as they please and get stronger and thicker each visit. Just pulled one out now and thought id google it to see if its means anything or maybe even be worth something???……only to find a blog about it!!!!! so if any knows why this happens and are the only two white hairs on me, please do let me know.
    P.s i find the best way to get em out without shedding a tear is to keep twisting on them one at a time unill it twists off.

  7. Even Superman has long nose hair.

    I wouldn’t call this a blog about nose hair, but nice idea!

    You’re getting old. Thick, unsightly hair will grow everyone but your head. Fun times!

  8. jody I have some unsightly hairs I would like your opinion on…could I come over and show you….

    I need a blog….oh yeah…..

  9. I noticed a White nostril hair the other day. Thought it was white snot at first. Now I noticed 2 white pubes. I’m so gutted.

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