$100 Beer

The 24 bottle case of beer I bought today cost $38.90. I used a hundred dollar bill; sixty-odd change after taxes. I can’t find the change. It may have fallen out of my pocket in the parking lot. This better be good beer.

Another Joke

Two Southern ladies, Maribelle and AnneMarie, were sitting on the porch drinking mint juleps. They have the following conversation, best imagined with an upscale Southern drawl: Maribelle: AnneMarie, do you see this huge diamond ring? AnneMarie: Yes. Maribelle: My husband bought this for me. AnneMarie: Isn’t that special. Maribelle: Do you see that Jaguar in the parking lot? AnneMarie: Yes. Maribelle: My husband bought that for me. AnneMarie: Isn’t that

Saving a Kitty

The girl who lives in the apartment next door to us (I’ll call her Beth) has been leaving her cat alone in the apartment for days and days — or at least that’s what I’ve suspected for the past couple months. I just got an email from a friend confirming my suspicions. Beth told my friend that she only goes to the apartment once a week to pick up her

Tom’s Special Video

“Tom” is short for tomato. God, this is going to be a great video series. The following video is a sequel to (or a repeat of) this video. And Tom (which is short for Tommyboy), watch how I prune the tomato plant in this video. Then go out and prune all your tomato plants exactly the same way. Otherwise, you’re likely to have a lot of stupid-looking tomato plants with