A Cleaning Routine

cleaning with a broomHandle Chores, House Cleaning and Errands with Simple Systems describes common-sense methods on how to keep your house tidy and clean by doing a routine everyday.

This stuff interests me because my household needs that guidance; we have a hard time sticking to a schedule due to random events that interrupt our lives (i.e. kids).

Does your household have a routine or schedule for keeping things in order? Cleaning the toilet every Sunday? Dust the furniture Monday evenings? Et cetera.

(image from Maid Marion)

3 Replies to “A Cleaning Routine”

  1. “From now on, have a clean-as-you-go routine: when you’re getting ready in the morning, do a quick wipe of the sink and toilet and bathtub. Put things away as you go through the day, wash dishes when you’re done using them, wipe the counters and table when you’re done cooking or eating.”

    Sounds like my mother. I stopped reading there.

  2. I read in a book that cleaning is this game they invented before wow.

    and by “book” I mean “nothing”

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