Traveling to San Diego, California

I maybe visiting San Diego for a week in September as part of my job. The farthest West or South I’ve been from Canada is Detroit, Michigan, so this will be exotic to me.

I hope to have time to explore the area. Is there anything specific I should check out? The “essential” sites listed here don’t interest me; they would if my family was coming.

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  1. If this trip would have happened three years ago, you could have stayed with me. Unfortunately, I can’t help with the agenda. All I remember about San Diego is traffic and crowds of people everywhere you go. But the weather’s usually nice. Oh yeah, and there’s an ocean too. Stay away from Tijuana, unless you want to see what a 3rd world country looks like up close.

  2. Jody, if you’re into scenery, I’d recommend Cabrillo Nat’l Monument. Very cool lighthouse and nice rugged coastline view. I’d also recommend Mount Soledad, which I believe is one of the highest points in the San Diego area and offers an incredible view.

    One of our favorite places is the Joe’s Crab Shack in the Pacific beach area that’s right on the sand, maybe a hundred feet from the water. Grab a seat by a window (on the 2nd floor) and enjoy the scenery. Yeah, Joe’s isn’t the best chow, but the location is fantastic and the blue slushy drink is yummy!

    You HAVE to try fish tacos when you’re in So Cal! I’ve been hooked ever since I first tried fish tacos about 10 years back in Carlsbad, just a few miles north of SD.

    I’m kinda jumping all over the place ‘cuz I really dunno what kind of stuff you’d care to see or do. Give us a bit more to go on and maybe some of us can home in on some more pinpointed suggestions.

  3. Oh yeah, what John said – don’t even think about wasting your time going to TJ. Dirty, hot, and no bargains to be found that make it worth the time it takes to get there & back. Spend you time getting your feet wet instead!

  4. I thought you lived north of San Diego.

    Oooooooohhhhh… Be careful I live right next to the Canadian border. I could slip across the border one night and drive East for four days to get you!

  5. Wow, J-Walk and growabrain offer me places to stay, Ashley provides a great suggestion on how to save on booze and hookers, and Rob provides excellent places to visit. This blogging business might be paying off, finally.

    Seriously, I’m astounded by the offers. Very generous. Thank you.

    > Give us a bit more to go on

    I like books. I could wander around bookstores for hour, in particular, used bookstores.

    I like science: paleontology, astronomy, nature, etc. Museums might be good.

    I like walking around Farmers’ Markets and small, personal shops.

    I like to quietly look at things.

  6. Jody, there’s a nifty (but not used) bookstore in Seaport Village called Upstart Crow that Dede just loves! In fact, despite the fact that she doesn’t really like to shop, Dede loves killing a day just puttering around throughout Seaport Village.

    Also, the La Jolla Elementary School Open Aire Market held each Sunday morning is awesome!

    Now, the price of all of this great advice is that you have to post some photos of your San Diego trip once you’re back!!

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