Phillip’s Bird

I just found one of my many incomplete journals, this one from 1999. Here’s the October 31 entry. We were living in Newfoundland at the time.

Two young girls showed up around 8 o’clock tonight. “Trick or treat!” they both announced as I opened the back door, holding Rocky back by the collar. We didn’t get anyone last year and Dawn and I weren’t expecting anyone to show up tonight – I forgot all about it anyway. But there they were: two cute girls – around 10 years old or so – expecting candy. “Hold on a sec”, I said, attaching Rocky to her rope. What the hell am I going to give them, I thought aloud, leaving the girls to wait outside with Rocky. I walked to the living room and spotted the jar of Werther’s butter candies we never eat. I grabbed two big handfuls and said, “Here ya go”, adding “We weren’t expecting anyone. No one came last year”. And one of the girls said, “Well, we’ll come back next year then!”, and off they went.
I’m sitting on the couch with Rocky asleep between my legs. The TV is on and I can hear Dawn using the sewing machine down the hall. I’m reading The Fellowship of the Ring. Read it 15 years ago and going at it again because a movie is being made of it. X-Files is on now, so I gotta take a break.
Phillip got a bird. A canary. Dawn laughed today when I asked her if she wanted to see Phillip’s birdy. The bird is a male, so it sings and shit. Sounds nice. Nice looking bird. Phillip paid 150 bucks or so.

Fake Wood Stove

electric wood stoveYesterday I almost bought an electric fake wood stove, one that happens to be on sale at Canadian Tire for $130. It has two settings, 750 watts and 1500 watts. It supposedly heats up to 400 square feet with a heating capacity of 4250 BTU. I planned to use it in my living room which is currently heated through an electric baseboard heater that runs on 2000 watts. Running a heater on 750 watts instead of 2000 watts seems like a fairly straightforward method or reducing our heating bill. But as the salesman went to get the stove, a friend happened to walk by and we got to talking and he advised me not to get the stove because he bought a similar one last year and it didn’t save him a dime.

I decided to hold off on getting the stove, though I’m still very tempted to give it a try.

Anybody here have one of these fake stoves?