Porn Without Plot?!

porn is cheaper than datingTelevision I can do without. Movie sequels and remakes I can do without. But this is going to far: Writers’ Strike threatening Porn Industry.

“It’s getting terrible,” reported one porn consumer who refused to give his name. “I just saw Horny Nurses 14 and I have to tell you it was just a reshash of the plots from Horny Nurses 9 and 11. It’s like they didn’t even have a writer.”
“What do people want? Movies where the actors just walk into a room, strip and just go at it? Where they always start with oral sex, then doggy, and then a money shot? Fans will walk if that’s all they get,” according to PWGA member Dick Member. “And don’t think about doing the lonely housewife and the pool-boy again. I own that.”


I just discovered some web-based applications I wrote that displays random stuff. I wrote these years ago.

Just reload each page to generate a new random… thing.