Where’s Jody?

In Ottawa. Our flight from Toronto to Ottawa yesterday was canceled due to a plane malfunction, so we were transferred to another plane. When we arrived in Ottawa to get our connecting flight to Moncton, we discovered our seats were taken: the personnel were told we wouldn’t make it for the flight and to give the seats to Standby status people. The earliest guaranteed flights to Moncton was two days

I Have A Pimple On My…

tongue. I think it’s a pimple. Maybe A cyst. Whatever it is, eating is difficult; I can only chew soft-textured foods. This along with my throat infection in Toronto where the acrid air burns… ya, I’m having a great time!

Time, by Kim Ki-duk

I haven’t seen this film yet, and it’s highly unlikely to show up at a theatre in Newfoundland, but it is definitely on my list of must-see films. Kim Ki-duk is becoming one of my favourite directors. Here’s what James Berardinelli has to say about Time: Haunting and disturbing, Time is the kind of motion picture that gets under your skin and doesn’t let go. It lingers long after the