Some Stats

Stealing J-Walk’s idea, here are Steel White Table’s statistics from the past 30 days according to Google Analytics. Note that for three days there was nothing recorded: I forgot to add the code to the new design (around Dec. 31, 2007).

  • Unique visitors: 9,567
  • Page views: 14,512
  • Percent who come here via a search engine: 59.98%
  • Percent who come here via another site: 35.83%
  • Total number of people who came here looking for the worst star trek movie: 257
  • The average time spent on this site: 1 minute, 11 seconds.
  • Top referrer:
  • Number of different visitor countries: 106
  • Location of visitors: US (45%), Canada (30%), UK (6%), Australia (2%), Germany (1%), India (1%)
  • Browsers used: Internet Explorer (55%), Firefox (37%), Safari (6%), Opera (1%)
  • Connection type: Cable (30%), DSL (26%), Unknown (23%), T1 (7%), Dial-up (3%)
  • One visit in 30 days: 89%
  • 200 or more visits in 30 days: 5%
  • Viewed one page only in 30 days: 75%
  • Most common ISPs: Rogers, Road Runner, Comcast

2 Replies to “Some Stats”

  1. yeah…interesting and kinda spooky at the same time….why are these people coming here….eeeeesh…yeah I know it is Jody’s cult of personality….my reasons are just sad, perhaps pathetic….

    and from different countries…I hope they realize that this site is the intelectual and cultural beacon for all of Canadain society….yeah…oh yeah…

    good work there jody

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