The J-Walk Blog Theme Song

It’s been around since at least March 30, 2007, but I just discovered it:

The J-Walk Blog theme song! By Phillip Cairns, co-author of Steel White Table. Maybe Phillip is for hire to create a theme for YOUR blog.

He’s also written themes for Whole Wheat Radio:


Station identification:

Steel White Table has two theme songs. Count ’em! TWO!

  1. The original SWT theme, written and performed by Jody and Phillip Cairns. Phillip posted about it once.

  2. The Steel White Table jingle, kinda. This was posted about before, too.

A Bad Hair Day

I flipped my bike and landed on my face. Knocked me unconscious. I woke up on the side of the road, people standing around me, some guy pushing Subway napkins into the side of my face to stop the bleeding, an ambulance screaming down the highway to pick me up.

I’d been going down the road minding my own business when a branch fell off a tree and jammed into the spokes of my front tire. One second I’m riding down the road. The next instant I’m lying there in a pool of my own blood. And it really was an instant — I blinked, and the next thing I knew I was on the side of the road. It was just like that. There was no sense of the passage of time.

I was awake during the crash because I put my arm out to break my fall. I could tell because my arm was severely sprained and half the skin was scraped off from the palm of my hand to my elbow. But to this day I have no memory of the actual crash. It’s been completely blocked out, probably by the physical force of the trauma. If my arm hadn’t taken the brunt of the fall, who knows, I could have blinked off into eternity without knowing what hit me.

The whole left side of my face was ground into the pavement. My left ear was half torn off. Thankfully I was in shock — though perfectly lucid and calm — and I couldn’t feel a thing. After the ambulance took me to the hospital, I was laid on a stretcher where a nurse put a heavy warm blanket over me. The blanket was so warm it felt like they just took it out of an oven. It was extremely comforting. Eventually a grey-haired surgeon came by, stuck a bunch of needles in my face and sewed me up. Whenever he tightened the knot of a stitch, I could feel my flesh being tugged and stretched. It felt like rubber.

After putting 22 stitches in my face, the surgeon began to sew my left ear back onto the side of my head. My ear had been torn from inside the ear canal and out. Another 12 stitches. This part was a bit painful. He practically had to sew into cartilage. I still have a pebble from the pavement lodged in my earlobe. I can squeeze my earlobe and feel the rock inside, which has since become calcified.

After getting sewed up, I was allowed to go to the washroom where I saw myself in the mirror for the first time and said, “Holy fuck.” The whole left side of my head and face were black and so swollen I looked like the Elephant Man. My left eye was completely swollen shut. My teeth, when I touched them through my fat lips, were loose. I thought, “I’m going be deformed for the rest of my life.” Within a month, though, it was healed. I now have only a small discoloured scar below my eye and my ear that people often mistake for a pen mark.

I got sent home with a large bandage wrapped around the top of my head and the left side of my face. I couldn’t take a regular shower for a week. When I eventually had the bandages taken off, I’m telling you, man, it was horrible: My hair was a mess.

All this happened a little over 10 years ago. I was reminded of it from looking at this photo.

Roll Up the Rim, Again

It’s Roll Up The Rim To Win time again at Tim Hortons.

roll up the win to win

Their sales sky-rocket during this promotion, where customers have to roll up the rim of their beverage cup to reveal if they won anything, which includes a car, donuts, muffins, coffees, and for the first time: a boat!

I don’t drink as much of their coffee as I used to; I won’t be keeping track of my wins and losses.

My wife works at Tim Hortons now, so officially, I’m not allowed to play. If I win a boat I’ll have to trust a friend to claim the prize for me.

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What Camera Should I Buy?

canon s5 is cameraI want a digital camera with over 10x optical zoom, good close-up capabilities, easy to use with the option to use manual settings, and quick shutter speed (so I don’t have to wait 2+ seconds between shots).

My main candidate is the Canon Powershot S5 IS, for around $400 Canadian. It’s received excellent reviews, with its main complaint being it doesn’t output in RAW format, which I don’t care about (or should I?).