Book Title Game

Here’s the CACSUBTFFDA game (i.e. Create A Coherent Sentence Using Book Titles From Five Different Authors):

Given five authors, you have to come up with a coherent sentence that uses one book title from each author. The rules:

  • Book titles must be in one sentence.
  • You can use as many other words as you need, but not within a book title.
  • The best entries are those make sense, and that use well-known titles rather than obscure titles.
  • Entries must be one sentence, although you may use punctuation where appropiate.

For the first (and probably only) round I’ll use easy authors:

  • Stephen King
  • John Steinbeck
  • Isaac Asimov
  • Charles Dickens
  • Margaret Atwood

Here’s an example answer:

It was East of Eden where I, Robot, had Great Expectations for finding The Blind Assassin.

(Thanks to J-Walk, where this idea was blatantly stolen and plagiarized from.)

5 Replies to “Book Title Game”

  1. Book titles are much more difficult than song titles. Here’s the best I could do in10 minutes:

    The Red Pony came upon Hard Times when the very Foundation of Misery was Surfacing.

  2. All SWT’s reader are going to attempt this. I just know it. They’r still in bed or something so they haven’t read this post yet. Just wait.

    I thought 5 authors might be too difficult for this. I’ll reduce it to 3 after Round 1 (i.e. never).

  3. IT was OF MICE AND MEN that filled THE CAT’S EYE, inside the BLEAK HOUSE that formed the FOUNDATION of its despair.

    grammer smammer…that was kinda fun

  4. J-Walk is correct. It won’t be easy. This post needs to get the attention of some literary blog. And unless there are science fiction fans, Asimov will throw off most general readers.

    I can’t think of anything at the moment.


    The problem is that there aren’t enough verbs in book titles!

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