Lunar Eclipse Tonight

If you can’t watch the lunar eclipse tonight because of bad weather, which will likely be the case for anyone in Newfoundland, here’s what you’d see, only much, much slower: (It’s one of the few time-lapse YouTube videos that doesn’t have annoying music.)

I’ve Never Owned An Apple Product

I have nothing against Apple, the computer company that has a cult-like following, but I’ve never owned any of their products: iPod, Mac, iPhone… They come out with gadgets that a lot of people think they must have, like the new MacBook Air, which is being promoted as the world’s thinnest notebook. So what? I’m not defending the PC and Windows world; I just don’t see the attraction of products

Getting A Newfoundland Dog

I’m a dog person. I grew up with dogs and had one as an adult, and now that I have an established family, I want one: I miss having a dog around. I’m set on getting a Newfoundland Dog. I never had a Newfoundland Dog but I’ve always wanted one: they’re big, gentle, intelligent creatures that will knock you over when they show their affection. Here are the steps I’m

Next Letter

This should be easier than J-Walk’s question, probably because everyone has seen it before. (It might be intriguing for those who haven’t seen it before.) What’s the next letter in this series and why? O – T – T – F – F – S – S – ? (For now on, I’m not posting anything unless the idea for it is stolen from the J-Walk Blog.)