“Small Time Crooks,” etc.

Deep Water — I’m slowly losing my taste for films about people who do adventurous but stupid things (e.g., Grizzly Man, Into The Wild). Deep Water is a documentary about a guy who enters a competition to sail across the world non-stop by himself, and fails. It’s mostly a sad story and not nearly as gripping as something like Touching the Void, but it’s interesting, especially for viewers who know

Ode To Fred

I’m taking our 14 year old cat (the black and white one) to the veterinarian in about an hour to be euthanized. She never was a friendly cat, but she’s become worse the past year: swiping at our other cat and anyone who gets to close to her; not using the litter box regularly; isolating herself from everything. She still has that growth on her leg, but it hasn’t gotten

Jody Saves The Day!

The phone rang around 7am. I was just waking up. It’s one of my wife’s friends: her basement is flooding from a water leak near her clothes washer and she doesn’t know what to do. “There should be two pipes leading to the washer,” I say. “One for hot water, one for cold. There’s usually a shutoff valve on each.” “I see it! Just a sec…” and she puts the