Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon — I saw it tonight in a theatre. It was okay, but it’s not in the same league as Casablanca. Bogart’s performance is uneven, the romantic element is unconvincing and the story isn’t too intriguing or compelling. For me, it has more style than substance. And even then, it’s not spectacular. My favourite film noir starring Bogart — if you really want to aim for cool just


I bought two pants today (I felt compelled to write “two PAIRS of pants”. Why?) at Moores. I hate buying cloths, but my co-workers went there to buy a coat so I decided to wander around the place; and I am in need of new pants. I wear 32″ waist, 30″ leg; however, the waist has gotten a tad snug; I no longer need a belt. Anyway, that’s it. I

Business In Newfoundland

I’m headed to St. John’s, Newfoundland today for a business trip. My employer is a system integrator of an RFID proposal and I’m the Technical Architect; there’s a company in Newfoundland who specializes in RFID solutions, whom we may partner with. Phillip’s picking me up at the airport. His big plans for me: Go to a sushi restaurant. Visit NIFCO. I kissed a cod long ago (when there were cod).

Still, Donald Knuth Is Alive

An Interview with Donald Knuth where he talks about open source, reusable code, Linux, and other stuff: …authors these days often introduce arcane methods that outperform the simpler techniques only when the problem size exceeds the number of protons in the universe. Such algorithms could never be important in a real computer application. I read hundreds of such papers to see if they might contain nuggets for programmers, but most

Email Notifications For Comments

You can now receive email notifications when someone posted a comment to a post: just check the Notify me of followup comments via e-mail box under the Submit Comment button. The email notification will contain the comment itself, plus links to the post, comments, and a link to manage your email subscriptions, so you can remove yourself from the notification.