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  1. That was funny. Would have great to see the sign completely twisted and busted up at the end.

    I hope this means my pink t-shirt is in the mail.

  2. If all goes well similar signs may find themselves in a far off land where the Canadian military is tromping around in arid conditions…that will make for a good photo op…perhaps just in time for the next election…..help me …I am turning into a greasy politions…

    and yes Phillip…your t-shirt and other treasures are in the mail….

  3. Tommyboy – your campaign signs were truly inspired! I’m only sorry I was never in Owen Sound during the election, ’cause I would have stolen one of those signs, too :) (PS – I still have the “culture in agriculture” t-shirt you gave me for the photos of the Sudbury market. There’s talk of building a permanent market here in NBay – right now, it floats around the various municipal parking lots during the summer.)

  4. Oohhh those shirts are collectibles now…no more left and none being made…too bad about the North Bay Market floating around…kinda makes it hard….we are currently putting in a commercial kitchen…bit of leap of faith for my membership…but it will allow us all kinds of opportunities and is a proactive effort in terms of health department issues..

    in regards to the signs if you are ever in town stop by or if your sister is coming to visit I can give one to her. If I run again which I probably will I am going to use the same signs but affix a RE to the top of each sign. It appeals to me cause of the two meanings…yeah do you really want this guy in again…you better RE think your actions….

    Phillip your “treasures” were mailed monday as was one for your brother…just stuff from around my house and market…so it should get there early next week…but there should be another package there sooner

  5. Tommyboy, I’ll see if I can get you a signed copy of New Waterford Girl’s latest film, which I worked on. Or something. I got nothing nearly as cool as a t-shirt and coffee and teeth.

  6. ohhh…I loved that movie makes me homesick everytime I watch it… I cannot remember the young ladies name .. but I did have a dirty ole man crush on her…she did a great job..I think that was her first acting job..or so I was told when the movie came out…

  7. Tommyboy, I think you may have missed my previous comment to this post.

    So far it’s the only package to arrive. Pretty damn sweet? Doesn’t it look nice by my office closet?

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