I Need A Name For Our New Puppy

I’m picking up our Newfoundland puppy from Halifax airport today. He’s being shipped from Gander, courtesy of the excellent Seagirt Kennels in northern Newfoundland.

We haven’t picked out a name yet. Any suggestions? I’ll post a photo of him tonight or tomorrow.

Update (May 28, 2008): We picked “Wally”.

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Little Bird Video

A little bird video. I know it’s not in the same league as J-Walk’s cleaning the pool video, but next weekend I’ll wake up early and record the bird(s) using my good video camera instead of the crappy one, and in the sunlight instead of the shade. You’ll see. It’s gonna be great.

The best part is when the bird flies away. I recommend cranking the volume to bring yourself closer to the moment… before it slips away.