Keeping Kids Busy

My three year old son started playing soccer last week. My daughter’s in gymnastics and piano lessons. My wife goes to the YMCA for exercise regularly, and I play World Of Warcraft. I watch less than a couple of hours of television a week, but the kids watch it a lot; it’s their baby-sitter. We want to reduce our dependency on it, keeping them busy with creative and engaging activities

Bees On The Loose

Escaped bees abuzz in N.B. Approximately 12 million honeybees have escaped from a truck that overturned on the Trans-Canada Highway in New Brunswick. Rain in the area is currently keeping the bees under control, said RCMP Sgt. Derek Strong. They’re being imported because pesticides have been killing the natural population of bees. Update: From another CBC article, they were being exported after fulfilling a pollination gig.

Moving Day

3:51pm. I’m moving today. I’ve got myself a Uhaul cargo van out front. I just began filling it up with the large items, mostly bookcases. There’s still a lot of junk left. Jenny and I made the final inspection of the new house this morning and now we’re waiting for our lawyer to call and tell us the sellers have our cheque. Then we move in. Until then, we’re not

Volumouse Application

This is the most useful — definitely the most used — teenie-weenie application on my PC: Volumouse. I use it to change the volume on my PC without having to click anything. I use it to change the Master Volume and the Wave volume, but it can be easily configured to change the volume of anything that has a volume control on your PC. And if you really want to

Firefox Add-on: NoSquint

NoSquint is one of my favourite Firefox add-ons because it makes at least half the sites I visit on a regular basis easier to read by making everything on the site bigger — the text and the images, and it does so without messing up the design of the site because proportions are maintained. Here’s an example: Roger Ebert‘s site usually looks like this (click to view full-sized image): When