Moving Day

3:51pm. I’m moving today. I’ve got myself a Uhaul cargo van out front. I just began filling it up with the large items, mostly bookcases. There’s still a lot of junk left.

Jenny and I made the final inspection of the new house this morning and now we’re waiting for our lawyer to call and tell us the sellers have our cheque. Then we move in. Until then, we’re not allowed on the property. So I’m here filling up the cargo van. I may drop in throughout the day to update this post. Or maybe not.

First question: Do all Uhaul vans originate from Arizona? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Uhaul van that didn’t have an Arozona licence plate.

4:40pm. The van is full, but we still can’t go to the house. We called our lawyer and she said everything looks good. Now she’s waiting for some other document, whatever it is. And once that document arrives, we can start moving into the house.

I’m going to write a post in a week or two about how insane it is trying to buy a house in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Anyone living off a moderate income — you know, average folk like me — have almost no chance of finding a house in this market. Finding this house was like winning the lotto. If an expert told me we got the best possible deal anyone could hope for under the current market conditions, I wouldn’t doubt them. Just before we came across this house, we’d resigned ourselves to living in a tiny condo or a real run down place — the “handy man’s special.” Thank jebus we managed to dodge that bullet. For the longest time, it felt like it was coming right for us.

Lots of dust behind our bookshelves.

5:15pm. We’re still waiting for our lawyer to call us and say we can take possession of the house.

First she gave us the impression that the sellers simply had to accept our cheque and we could go in. She said, “That’ll be in about 30 minutes.” That was 4 hours ago.

We’ve called her since and she tells us documents have arrived, but now more are on the way. So we still have to wait. We just called her again and now all we’re getting is her voice mail.

We’ve been looking for a house for the past 6 months. The longest 6 months of my life.

7:00pm. We’re moving. Gotta go.

9:02pm. Done for the day. Our lawyer not calling us was a misunderstanding. She called our real estate agent who assumed she was going to call us next. She should have called us anyway, but whatever. Who cares. Time to order a pizza and collapse.

Looking forward to seeing how crazy the cats go when we bring them up, which will be in about 5 minutes. Over and out.

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  1. I moved and went directly to working on a film shoot and I won’t have time to breath until next week. I’ll be blogging like crazy then.

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