Add a Sentence

It’s that time of year again, everybody. It’s time for us to put aside our differences and write a story together. Instead of writing 5 words each like we did last time, everyone gets to add a full sentence. There are no restrictions to the length of the sentence. Do whatever works. Just keep it clean and friendly. The story begins like this:

The house was built on a cracked foundation. A young man named Peter Wilson lived in the basement with that cracked foundation. Any kind of precipitation, hail, rain or snow, required he lift his shoes and books off the floor where they would otherwise get wet overnight. The water seeping through the foundation at times became audible, the sound of a trickling brook. Inevitably Peter would make several trips to the bathroom. A rug by the side of his bed had to be rolled up and stuffed onto a shelf in his closet. He would have damp feet all night.

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Two Vista Tips

I’ve had a new PC running on Vista for the past couple months. I meant to keep a list of all the problems I’ve had with Vista and how I solved them. But I forgot. So here are the first two that I can remember off the top of my head.

1) Vista will drive you nuts by prompting you for permission to do just about any damn thing. Here’s how I disabled that silly feature: In the Control Panel search box, enter “user account.” A list shows up. One of the last items on the list should be: “User Account Control (UAC) on or off.” Click it and uncheck it. Done.

2) Vista won’t delete large files, at least not on my system. I’m talking multiple-gigabyte-sized files (common with video editing). You can hit delete, but Vista will just hang there all day long calculating the estimated time it will take to delete the file. Silly Vista. Deleting under the command prompt doesn’t work either. Here’s how I got around that annoying little bug: Reboot the system in SAFE MODE by pressing the F8 key during the reboot. Now go in and delete the large file. Reboot in regular mode. Done.

90% of the big programs I used on a regular basis — including WordPerfect and all my audio- and video-editing software — became instantly incompatible after I switched to Vista. That was fun. My Logitech wireless music system doesn’t work anymore either. That blows. But overall, I like the way Vista operates. Mostly it’s the little things I like. For instance, when I rename a file, only the file name, not the extension, is highlighted. I change the file name and the extension is left untouched. That may not seem like a big deal, but I change file names all the time and this little function saves me a lot of time. Once in a while when a program freezes (it’s a given that large, CPU-hungry video-editing programs will stall from time to time), Vista allows me to shut it down and save my data without crashing the system and having to reboot. That’s nice. So, though there is room for improvement, Vista doesn’t seem all bad.

An Update About Wally

Wally at 5 monthsOur Newfoundland dog, Wally, is five months old and weighs 60 pounds, which is average for the breed. He’s not fat nor skinny. We feed him about six cups of dry food (Canidae) a day, which is mixed with a little water and canned food. He’s forever hungry.

His jowls are developing now, such that he drools occasionally. His eyes are beginning to have that bagged look, too; more fluid is beginning to collect around them, but nothing excessive or gross.

He still stumbles at times, still getting used to his fast growth. He’s loosing his baby teeth with some adult teeth coming in.

He doesn’t shed, but we brush him a few times every week. His coat is soft – he gets complimented on it a lot.

He’s sociable around people and dogs – very friendly.

He shits about 10 shovel-fulls a day.