Add a Sentence

It’s that time of year again, everybody. It’s time for us to put aside our differences and write a story together. Instead of writing 5 words each like we did last time, everyone gets to add a full sentence. There are no restrictions to the length of the sentence. Do whatever works. Just keep it clean and friendly. The story begins like this: The house was built on a cracked

Two Vista Tips

I’ve had a new PC running on Vista for the past couple months. I meant to keep a list of all the problems I’ve had with Vista and how I solved them. But I forgot. So here are the first two that I can remember off the top of my head. 1) Vista will drive you nuts by prompting you for permission to do just about any damn thing. Here’s

55 Dollar Fruit

J-Walk posted an item about an 8 Dollar Fruit. It reminded me of the watermelon in Labrador with the $55 price tag. Apparently it was a pricing error. The [store] manager said that despite the price tag, the melon’s actual price should have been $38. Would you pay $38 for this watermelon? Photo by Sarah Erickson.

An Update About Wally

Our Newfoundland dog, Wally, is five months old and weighs 60 pounds, which is average for the breed. He’s not fat nor skinny. We feed him about six cups of dry food (Canidae) a day, which is mixed with a little water and canned food. He’s forever hungry. His jowls are developing now, such that he drools occasionally. His eyes are beginning to have that bagged look, too; more fluid