“The dog did it.”

jody and iainMy son ran into our bedroom and slammed the door after some incident today. My wife immediately followed him in and discovered a puddle of piss on the carpet.

Dawn: Iain, did you pee on the floor?
Iain: No. The dog did it.

The dog was outside.

Maybe my son is getting up in the middle of the night and shitting over the living room carpet, too.

What’s Going On?

I’ve been too lazy to post about stupid crap I find on the net (J-Walk tends to grab most of it anyway), and not motivated to post about personal occurrences, although here’s a summary of recent events:

  • Wally has diarrhea, which he’s been letting us know about by the mess he leaves every morning on the living room carpet the past few nights.
  • My wife and I started Tai Chi Chaun classes.
  • Someone with the “Kelsey” last name from Newfoundland contacted me about the Kelsey painting I posted about – another artist!
  • I recently used about 1300 Air Miles.
  • My motorcycle doesn’t work again. Some electrical problem I can’t figure out, so it’s stuck in my garage collecting dust.
  • I used a GPS for the first time recently. Nice gimic but not practical for me.
  • My wife quit her baking job at Tim Hortons after working there for a year, getting up 3:30am every morning to work a couple hours everyday.
  • Caitlyn, my seven year old daughter, is taking piano lessons, which she finds boring.
  • I’m THIS close to buying an original painting, preferably from a local artist, but some of Jean’s tempt me.
  • Iain (my three year old son) didn’t want to go to pre-school today because he doesn’t like timeout. This is the first we heard about it.
  • I started playing chess a lot more, which I was once very good at in my teenage years. I posted about this, though.
  • Gratz to Sedition.com on its 10th year aniversary! Too lazy to comment on his site about it even.

Besides Tommyboy, anyone interested in me posting like a diary? Which reminds me: Oh Me Nerves! posted about that topic recently, reminding me how it’s interesting to look at past personal posts.

“Searching for Bobby Fischer” is a good movie

Searching for Bobby Fischer became one of my favourites when I first saw it in a theatre in 1993. I was hooked after the opening narration by 8-year-old Max Pomeranc that recounts Bobby Fischer‘s rise to fame as one of the best chess players in the world and ends with the whispered words: “He disappeared.” Then we discover the narrator is a child prodigy, a genius chess player who some call a young Bobby Fischer. But where Bobby Fischer was a nut, this kid stays on a path that keeps him sane. He plays baseball and goes fishing and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. It’s a good story and a good movie.

There is no trailer available online, but there is this scene:

Who are you voting for?

We’re having a general election in Canada on October 14th, 2008. I have a few questions:

1) If you’re Canadian, what party are you voting for?

2) Why are you voting for that party?

3) If you’re not Canadian but you follow Canadian politics (which is likely no one), of the 5 political party leaders, who would you vote for, and why?

4) Back to Canadians: From the 5 party leaders listed below, from best to worst, who do you think would be less likely to do the most damage if they were Prime Minster?

I know these aren’t the most probing questions. I’m not expecting many responses. But what the hell. We have a blog here. We might as well use it.

Green Party: Elizabeth May.
New Democratic Party (NDP): Jack Layton.
Bloc Quebecois: Gilles Dueceppe.
Liberal: St├ęphane Dion.
Conservative: Stephen Harper.

I haven’t provided direct links to any of the party web sites. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t vote for any of them if I visited their web sites or saw any of their campaign ads on TV. I get most of my news from CBC Radio and CBC.ca.