CBC Radio Wants Us

Phillip and I have been contacted by a local CBC Radio producer about a story idea. That’s all I can tell ya! I’ll post more about it when I can (if I can). Update: The story was about scotch!

William Wharton, 1925-2008

As a commenter noted on my previous post, William Wharton, Author, Dies at 82: William Wharton, a successful impressionist painter who at 53 published his first novel, “Birdy,” which won a National Book Award, became a critically acclaimed movie and led to a dozen more books, died Wednesday in Encinitas, Calif. He was 82. Phillip and I are saddened to learn about this, that we won’t be reading anything new

How Long To Figure Out Your Password?

Password Brute Force Calculator provides an estimate on how long a computer would take to figure out (i.e. crack). Your password is 13 characters long and has 367,034,448,698,777,600 combinations. It takes 7,121,405.58 hours or 296,725.23 days to crack your password on computer that tries 25,769,803,776 passwords per hour. Try your bank PIN! (via LifeHacker)

Skype – an early review

I have a few friends living overseas. Calling them long-distance ain’t cheap. So I installed Skype today. And guess what? It works. I talked to a friend of mine in France and although there was a slight delay in the signal, it was negligible. We started with a regular audio call, no video feed. The sound was just as good as any telephone and there was no delay. The slight