My Christmas Wish List (2008)

To save you the headache of deciding what to get me for Christmas, here’s my Wish List: Socks Underwear (boxers) Lagavulin (because the distributors here in New Brunswick are not shipping it anymore, the bastards) Couple sweaters Black Forest Cake with lots of cherries You’re welcome. What do you want?

I Was in the Military Too

Jody did basic military training with a Reserves unit 20 years ago. I did my basic military training with a different Reserves unit 21 years ago. Can you spot me? I’m one of the guys holding a gun — I mean rifle! I mean weapon. I mean… I’m glad I got out when I did. (Click image to enlarge.)

Files with No Extension

What’s up with people sending files with no extension? At least once a week someone sends me a file without an extension. Sometimes I can fix it by adding an .rtf or .doc extension. Sometimes I can’t. How do people manage to send files without extensions? How do they lose the file extension by sending it as an attachment? And if the file somewhere along the line loses its extension,