Winter Tires

winter tireI bought winter tires today – first time I ever had them. Four of them, too. 600 bucks (about 50 bucks U.S.).

I saw a report on CBC’s Market Place a year or two ago about how four winter tires are better than two, and any amount is better than all-season tires.

It’s supposed to go up to almost 20 degrees this weekend (I won’t know what that is in the antiquated American temperature system).

The Creature from the Black Lagoon (Trilogy)

I’ve been watching a lot of B-movies lately. The acting is wooden, the production values are dated, but the filmmakers made the most of what little they had. The low budgets forced them to get innovative. Watching B-movies isn’t a bad way to learn about film. There’s no subtlety to any of the elements, the editing, the narrative, the music, the acting — so it’s much easier to see what the filmmakers were aiming for. My favourite B-movies so far: King Kong (1933) — it isn’t just a B-movie; it’s amazing. Forbidden Planet — there would be no Star Trek without this movie. Destination Moon — which may have been Kubrick’s inspiration for 2001: A Space Odyssey. It Came From Outer Space — a generic but entertaining “sci-fi” B-movie about aliens crash landing in the desert. And the latest surprise hit is The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon may be the best creature-feature B-movie I’ve seen since the original King Kong. Dramatically, it’s not in the same league as King Kong, but it’s a good action movie with enough thrills and surprises so it never gets boring. The DVD Talk synopsis (edited): “Starry-eyed scientist David Reed, adventurer-investor Mark Williams and curvaceous Kay penetrate the Black Lagoon to search for a full fossil to match the skeletal claw discovered by professor Carl Maia. But what greets them is an aquatic man-fish that takes an instant liking to the way Kay fills out a contoured swimsuit. The Gill Man decimates the supporting cast while the leads argue the best way to capture it; after he blocks their exit from the Lagoon, the wily Devonian goes a step further and claims Kay as a romantic spoil of war.” The underwater scenes (impressive even by today’s standards) are exciting and especially creepy when the The Gill Man follows the “curvaceous Kay” while she’s swimming. The creature may be a guy in a rubber suit, but it’s a pretty damn affective rubber suit.
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Bob Dylan Having a Tuque On

According to the CBC, Bob Dylan dropped by and took a tour of the house Neil Young grew up in. It’s not like Graceland. It’s just a regular house.

“And I’m looking around, and I realize, this guy having a tuque on has really great boots on, these sort of cowboy, motorcycle boots. And he was wearing really nice leather pants. And I realize I’m staring face-to-face with Bob Dylan.”

After the music legend and his manager were invited into the house, Dylan asked a lot of thoughtful questions, including about Neil Young’s old bedroom.

That’s the first time I’ve heard the words, “this guy having a tuque on.” Somebody want to send me a photoshopped pic of Dylan wearing a tuque so I can add it to this post?