My Impressions of Benjamin Button

In The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt is born an old man and ages backwards until he becomes a child. As an old man with the emotional maturity of an adolescent, he can’t go around hitting on teenage girls, so his first sexual experiences are with older women. He’s attracted to a teen aged Cate Blanchett, but he has to wait for her to grow older and for his physical self to become younger in appearance before he can act on his feelings. If they have a relationship, how long can it last if she’s becoming an old woman while he’s becoming a child? These are just some of the problems he’s up against. And I have to admit it makes for one hell of an interesting movie.

The old-looking Brad Pitt is unrecognisable at first, but slowly his eyes and his mouth become more defined, his voice changes, his tiny, bent decrepit body begins to straighten out and take on muscle mass. The transformation is bizarre — it plays out with a fantastic quality like a fairytale — yet Pitt’s understated performance makes it seem real and sympathetic. For those able to go along with it, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is well worth the price of admission. Personally, I was too distracted by his ageing backwards to get caught up in the emotional undercurrents of the story, but I suspect I may have a higher opinion of the movie when I get around to watching it again someday. And I know I will.