Cohen’s Hallelujah by Buckley and Many Others

It’s Hallelujah 3 times over for Leonard Cohen song:

Canadian artist Leonard Cohen is about to have a chart topper in Britain with a song he first released in 1984.
Hallelujah is set to make music history with three places on the U.K. singles charts, including No. 1 and No. 2.

The top two versions are from folks I never heard, one of them being Jeff Buckley, who I just read died in the 90s. His version IS nice. Here are a couple places you can listen to it:
MP3 of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah
Youtube version of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah (no video)

The 3rd version making the charts in Britain is the original from Cohen, found at MOKB Covers Project : Hallelujah Repost, along with dozens of other versions, including those by Bob Dylan, K.D. Lang, John Cale.

As Steel White Table has previously reported, it IS the Best Song Ever Written by a Canadian.

The Story of Page 56, Sentence 5 (Part 1)

This is the story of Page 56, Sentence 5, as told by thommangoon, jody, Steve, Mean Jean, Phillip, J-Walk, Vince, Bryan, tommyboy, Scott, Don, Shannon and Spokane Mary (each and every one of them a plagiarist):

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DVD Burner Problem

I’ve tried to work it out myself and I’ve looked for solutions online, but I can’t find anything. I could call Dell’s tech support, but I have a feeling I’d be on the phone with them for a long time and nothing would change. To save myself the frustration, I’m throwing it out to all you good techy folk.

The DVD burner that came with my new Dell PC won’t recognize DVDs. It worked perfectly for the first month. Not anymore. CDs, no problem. But when I stick in a DVD or a blank DVD, the activation light comes on, it blinks and continues to blink forever, never recognizing that a DVD has been inserted.

The following shows up under hardware properties: TSST corp DVD+RW TS+H653F ATA Device.

The drivers are up to date and the OS tells me “this device is working properly,” but it’s not.

Does anyone have any suggestions before I make a frustrating call to Dell tech support?

UPDATE #1: Try deleting the “lower filters.” Don’t ask me what they are. My Dell tech support operator eventually deleted the lower filters and now everything is fine. (Google “lower filters” for more info.)

UPDATE #2: I was wrong. The DVD burner now recognizes commercial DVDs so I can play them. But as a recorder, it’s useless. It only recognizes DVDs, not any kind of writeable DVD.

Wally Likes Legs

wally eating a bone in the snowWally, our nine month old, 120 pound Newfoundland dog, likes to hump legs, chairs, cars… anything that will stand still for him. The breeder we got him from doesn’t want us to neuter him until he’s 18 months old due to research indicating that their growth can be disrupted due to hormone imbalance. Or something.

Unfortunately, he’s at the adolescent age where he wants to mate with everything, and when that something is a leg from a 130 pound human, the human can become flustered about dealing with a 120 pound bear-like dog. Fortunately, Wally is a gentle giant and a forceful shove gets him off, but still, it can be intimidating for people who aren’t used to dogs that big.

I think the main problem is that of dominance – he’s humping anything that won’t resist him.