BSG Jumping the Shark?

I haven’t watched last night’s episode of Battlestar Galactica yet, but if it’s anything like the previous two episodes, I would guess that it’s underwhemling. If the writers stay true to form, only the last two episodes of the season (and the series) will be worth watching. Just about everything until then will be inconsequential. I’ve enjoyed BSG, but it would have been a much stronger series if they’d built

“Traumatized” Cat

We woke up this morning and discovered Winston was locked in our tiny front porch all night. From Cats He wasn’t scratching to get out and seemed totally cool about it. We felt bad, anyway, and gave him some treats, and then he ran to the litter box. Five minutes later he curled up and went to sleep on a chair.

Peter Kelsey, The Painter

I posted about a painting by Leonard Kelsey I own, not knowing anything about Kelsey. Peter Kelsey left a comment about it, and although it appears he isn’t related to the artist of my painting. He was kind enough to email photos of some of his work, allowing me to post them. I have lofty ambitions to tackle artistic endeavors (eg. painting, writing), but I never get around to dedicating

Describing a Photo

J-Walk did it, so now I’m doing it. It being: 1. Go to the the 4th folder where you keep your pictures on your computer. 2. Post the 4th picture in the folder. 3. Explain the photo. Here’s mine: It’s the view from my kitchen window in the first apartment Jenny and I lived in. If the date on the photo is correct, it was October 2003. That sounds about

Acetone In Your Gas

This video shows how to increase your gas mileage by adding acetone to your gasoline: Acetone is a solvent, used in paints, plastics, and most anything artificial. Its claim as an automotive fuel additive to help fuel economy has been tested by MythBusters; they found it reduced fuel economy. Anyone try this?