“Never Cry Wolf” and “The Snow Walker”

Never Cry Wolf and The Snow Walker are based on works by Farley Mowat and should be seen together. If you like one, chances are you’ll like the other. The drama is magnified in both movies by the desolate and beautiful landscape of Canada’s north. In Never Cry Wolf, a scientist spends six months in the bush studying wolves. It’s a quiet, somewhat meditative movie that takes a look at

Single-shot Music Video

A single-take, single-shot video from a Newfoundland band called Hey Rosetta, directed by local St. John’s filmmaker, Jordan Canning. Best viewed in HQ mode. I’m not into much rock music, if that’s what this is, but these guys are very good at what they do and only getting better. They’re gonna be big.

Corporate Guilt

In An Americano With an Extra Shot of Guilt, Please, Darren Barefoot observes the hypocrisy of a coffee shop, which he sums up nicely: We’re entirely comfortable selling you an environmentally insensitive product, but want you to feel guilty about giving us your money. Plus, [as filmgoer juan points out on Flickr] we’ve been unwilling or unable to find a more sustainable source for cups. It hints at the corporate