Savant, Daniel Tammet

Did anyone see the interview Daniel Tammet on CBC’s The Hour last night? I was in awe. I can’t find the interview on YouTube yet, but it can be viewed here. From The Hour‘s website:

Daniel Tammet is one of only 50 savants in the world and the stuff he can do is remarkable. Back in 2004, Daniel recited Pi to 22 thousand five hundred and fourteen digits. It took more than 5 hours! Daniel was born with Asperger’s syndrome — a high-functioning form of autism and he developed something called Synesthesia. It means he sees numbers and letters in colour. He also associates numbers with emotions and shapes. His memoir ‘Born on a Blue Day’ is a New York Times best seller and he’s just written a new book called ‘Embracing the Wide Sky’.

Some of things he talks about sound like science fiction. Oliver Sacks examines many of the same issues in his book, Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain. (Jody, I’ll send it to you after I’ve finished reading it.)

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