I Can’t Drink Alcohol

I’m taking a prescription that can cause these side effects:

  • headaches
  • liver failure
  • “life-threatening skin rashes”
  • vision changes

I have to get blood tests every few weeks to ensure the drug isn’t destroying my liver; not drinking alcohol helps reduce any stress on the liver.

I have to take this for six months or so.

No scotch! Christ. I WILL be cheating.

Pharyngula Gets Email

PZ Myers writes a popular blog about creationism, evolution, atheism, religion, and biology.

He sometimes posts emails from those who disagree with his views.

In I get email he inserted his reactions within the email. Funny stuff.

Thanks for removing all doubt as to what will be taught at U-Morris. [Yes. We will be teaching science, not creationism.] My daughter was considering attending after she graduates next year. [Good for her! She sounds like a smart young woman already] That will not be the case anymore. [I am very sorry to hear that—she clearly needs a good education to correct the indoctrination of her father. But then, any good school she gets into will teach her the same things I would]