25 Albums You Should Listen To From Start To Finish

Turn off the shuffle: 25 great albums that work best when listened to from start to finish.

I recognize only a few. They include folk, country, rap, pop… Here’s the entire list, although you should read their interesting writeup about each selection:

  1. Frank Sinatra, Come Fly With Me (1958)
  2. Cursive, Domestica (2000)
  3. Hüsker Dü, Zen Arcade (1984)
  4. Pink Floyd, The Wall (1979)
  5. King Crimson, In The Court Of The Crimson King (1969)
  6. Neutral Milk Hotel, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (1998)
  7. Deltron 3030, Deltron 3030 (2000)
  8. Wyclef Jean, Wyclef Jean Presents The Carnival Featuring The Refugee Allstars (1997)
  9. The Flaming Lips, Zaireeka (1997)
  10. Parenthetical Girls, Entanglements (2008)
  11. Dr. Octagon, Dr. Octagonecologyst (1996)
  12. Sufjan Stevens, Illinois (2005)
  13. Catherine Wheel, Adam And Eve (1997)
  14. Randy Newman, Good Old Boys (1974)
  15. Queensrÿche, Operation: Mindcrime (1988)
  16. Tom Waits, Franks Wild Years (1987)
  17. Mike Watt, Contemplating The Engine Room (1997)
  18. XTC, Skylarking (1986)
  19. Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska (1982)
  20. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Murder Ballads (1996)
  21. Masta Ace, Disposable Arts (2001)
  22. Willie Nelson, Phases And Stages (1974)
  23. Prince Paul, Psychoanalysis: What Is It? (1996)
  24. Drive-By Truckers, Southern Rock Opera (2001)
  25. The Who, Quadrophenia (1973)

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3 Replies to “25 Albums You Should Listen To From Start To Finish”

  1. These guys don’t listen to Canadian music. Rheostatics “Whale Music” would be on my list if I ever created one. So would “Let It Bleed” by the Rolling Stones (they’re Canadian, right?)

    Randy Newman’s “Good Old Boys” is excellent. Combine it with “Sail Away,” and you’ve pretty much got a greatest hits collection. I combined those two albums to a single CD years ago and it works perfectly.

  2. Rush? Rush? 2112, Moving Pictures, Farewell to Kings..etal,

    Genesis? Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

    Peter Gabriel? Security

    just off the top of my feeble brain….

    This is the problem with lists….always some ya hoo feeling put out cause his choice did not make it…then they look at fire arms in a who new light and go to china tire lookinig for ammo…it just all ends badly…

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