Where’s the 3D Blog?

A unique challenge has been raised over at Pender’s Crappy Blog That You Love:

I’ve been sitting around trying to figure out how to separate my stupid website from the rest of the interweb and I’ve come to the conclusion that I should somehow convert it to 3D cause I haven’t seen that before. Even a quick 5 minute google search didn’t give me what I have in mind! I’ve also come to the conclusion that this would take a lot of work so likely I won’t do it, although I have some idears on how I would accomplish it (client-side wrapper/plugin of the entire window, basically, which would slow everybody’s computers to a nice slow complainy crawl). You’d need some cardboard 3D glasses to make it neat though, which likely will appeal to only about 80% of my “fanbase”.

80% is a hell of a number, and seeing how Steel White Table and Pender’s Crappy Blog That You Love have a nearly identical fanbase, I say we go for it. Let’s make this sucker 3D! Okay, then. How the hell can we do this?

This guy explains how to make a 2D image into 3D. Perhaps someone who knows what they’re doing can create a Firefox or WordPress plugin that transforms a boring ole 2D blog into a 3D blog, preferably something that can be turned on or off with a simple click. I have no clue. How about you?

Looking at the screen right now I see a bunch of flat images that supposedly make them look like they’re raised up via shadows and gradients and such, but I mean, I never think I’m in danger of a browser button hitting me in the head, like I should if it were really 3D and the button was animated to look like it was flying at me.

— Pender

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  1. I’ve been steelwhitetabled!

    As for the 3d chalk thing, OMG MUST HAVE! Honestly, I’ve been looking around for 3d glasses but have so far been unable to find any and don’t want to have to steal some from the theatre, and have to watch a kids movie on top. I created ~10 images at home with what I “think” would look 3d-ish, but without the glasses to fine tune the images I’m assuming they aren’t perfect, nor post worthy, until I can test.

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