CIBC Cards Compromised

Has anyone had problems with their debit or credit cards from CIBC or President’s Choice lately?

A friend sent me this email:

I just called CIBC. Turns out my CIBC Visa was also compromised. That’s alongside my PC debit card from last week.

Someone tried to charge one dollar to my Visa at a website called Snap Fish.

Anyway, they’re mailing me a new card and I have to cut up the one I have now.

Two cards compromised in one week. And it was entirely unrelated incidents. I haven’t even used my CIBC Visa for a couple of months. I think the last time I used it was for World Vision to get rabbits for some friends.

The CIBC representative said a bunch of cards have been compromised this month. And last month the compromising website was Napster.

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