BBC’s “The Blue Planet” & “Planet Earth”

The Blue Planet and Planet Earth are BBC documentary TV series that are without question the most spectacular, incredible documentaries about the natural world I have ever seen. They could easily play as a series of films in a theatre and it would be fantastic. At times it’s like watching science fiction with creatures that seem unreal, landscapes and geological formations even the most imaginative artists couldn’t conceive. There are

The Slappy White Challenge

Who is Slappy White? THE CHALLENGE: Answer the question honestly without searching the ‘net or referencing any kind of media. (And without reading anyone else’s answer if possible.) My answer: Never heard of ’em.

Tin Can Solar Panels

In a report released by Corporate Knights: The Canadian Magazine for Responsible Business, Newfoundland received a failing grade for environmental protection and renewable energy initiatives. Only one other province received an overall lower grade. That’s embarrassing. I suggest if Premiere Danny Williams wants to improve that grade, how about providing a small rebate that would make the purchase and instillation of local sustainable energy products such as the Cansolair Solar

SWT Reader Interview #1: Tommyboy

The J-Walk Reader Interviews appear to be over, or close to it. So in keeping with tradition, we’re stealing from J-Walk. The interview questions are from J-Walk with a few of our own thrown in for kicks and giggles. Eventually we’ll email another regular SWT reader the same questions and see what happens. Until then, it is our pleasure and honour to introduce a man who needs no introduction, because