Toast Dipped in Coffee Or Tea

coffee toastMy grandfather used to eat toast dipped in tea for breakfast. He had no teeth.

Today I dipped my buttered toast in coffee. I have all my teeth.

Speaking of my grandfather, who’s dead but was a memorable character:
– He had no teeth and didn’t wear dentures.
– He was missing 3 or 4 fingers.
– He often ate food straight from the can, unheated.
– He used to work in the lumber industry in the middle of Newfoundland, which accounts for his missing fingers and liking of cold food.
– His remaining fingers were stained puke yellow from smoking all his life, but he stopped cold-turkey a few years before he died.
– He could drink a bottle of beer in one swig.
– He was a phenomenal spoon player (from what I remember as a kid).
– He wore 1-piece long johns (union suit) as underwear – the kind that cover you from the neck down to your ankles and had a flap covering your ass.
– He was incredibly strong.

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3 Replies to “Toast Dipped in Coffee Or Tea”

  1. mine dipped bread in bacon grease….and ate with gusto

    had all of his digits…coal mining…but spotty lungs

    since dad was a denturist in the military and had a booming sideline business at home all my relatives had dentures or partials or whatever…and there was never a meal or gathering where someone did not choke gag or spew out some form of dental appliance

    the rest pretty much similar….

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