Black Snake Moan

Black Snake Moan is definitely the coolest movie I saw in 2007. This movie sweats cool.

From Berardinelli’s review: “Black Snake Moan… opens with a hot sex scene followed shortly thereafter by the sight of a girl writhing on the ground in apparent sexual frustration. Later, there’s booze and blues and black-and-blue marks. There’s a (white) girl in chains [Christina Ricci] and a (black) man holding the key [Samuel L. Jackson]. The film pushes more buttons than an elevator operator but, in the end, Black Snake Moan works to turn expectations upside down. The movie has things to say about race and religion and the pain of loneliness, and it does so with considerable offbeat wit.”

I Think I’m Going To Get A Manual Lawn Mower

manual lawn mowerReel mower – The good the bad and the ugly has almost convinced me to invest in a manual lawn mower. I’ve been considering getting one for years to replace the dirty, loud, stinky gas-powered machine that’s so heavy only I can push it.

Two things have been holding me back from buying one:

  • Its effectiveness. You have to mow frequently since tall grass will be a choir, and plants with thick stems can be difficult, such as dandelions.
  • Its maintainability. How often does one have to sharpen its blades, and can you sharpen the blades easily by yourself.

Time to do more research. I’ll create a new post if I get one.

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Re-watching “WALL-E”

WALL-E is one of the most imaginative stories I’ve ever seen and it gets better with repeated viewings because there is so much to see, it’s unlikely you’ll notice everything the first or even second time around. For the longest time, Finding Nemo was my favourite Pixar movie, but Wall-E may have jumped to #1.

Wall-E is also proof to me that if Pixar wanted to, they could make an excellent adult science fiction film. They have conceptual artists who can create creatures and landscapes as impressive as anything put on film. They have writers and directors who know how to develop strong characters and a good story. They know what they’re doing. Everybody loves them. They can’t do wrong. They’ve found a winning formula making CGI family films, but I’d still love to see them take a crack on at some hard science fiction. Instead they give us WALL-E, a touching, entertaining and engaging story of a little robot left behind on a post-apocalyptic earth where everything is so polluted that humans can’t live there anymore. He eventually meets up with another robot that sort of looks like an iPod, and things take off from there. It’s a nice, harmless kids movie with an environmental message: don’t pollute. And it’s pretty damn spectacular.

“One Love” from All Around the World

Remember that around the world version of “Stand by Me” that was posted on YouTube a while back? Here’s the same thing but with “One Love.” My first thought was, “How many covers of ‘One Love’ do I need to here?” But then I watched the whole thing — it’s a good cover.

Via Playing for Change.