Microsoft Money Is Being Discontinued

This surprised me: Microsoft to Discontinue Money:

Microsoft Money products will no longer be available for purchase after June 30, the company said. Existing customers will be able to continue using the product and accessing online services per their user agreements.

I’ve been using Microsoft Money since it came free with Windows 95. They stopped providing yearly upgrades in Canada a few years ago, thankfully: their upgrades were a waste of money; however, it is (was) a good product.

I posted about Microsoft Money years ago.

The Best Selling Car

cozy coupe toy carAmerica’s best-selling car isn’t what you might think…

Little Tikes Co. of Hudson, Ohio has released sales figures for its iconic Cozy Coupe showing that it has outsold all of those four-door family sedans throughout its 30-year production run. That’s right, the red plastic coupe with the yellow top turns 30 this year, and last year alone the company moved 457,000 of them…

We have one of those. Pain in the ass to push, but the kids love it.

Logical Discussions

chimp thinkingI’m not a conversationalist. I’m a good listener: I’m objective and open-minded, but I could never debate my beliefs – I just can’t think fast enough. I’m slow in many ways.

However, I love reading logical discussions, arguments, and explanations. Case in point: I’ll be condescending when condescension is deserved – a great post illustrating the fallacies of a creationist’s “logic”.

Another case in point but this time with a technical slant: The Case of the Slooooow System by Mark Russinovich – he describes how he diagnosed a computer problem.

The Other End Of The Leash often has posts explaining dog behavior.

I love this stuff!

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The Best Popcorn Maker

I bought a new popcorn maker recently and it’s the best I’ve ever had. It works like this one:

You put a couple teaspoons of oil in the bottom, then 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels, put the cover on and turn it on. A metal rod that sits on top of the hot plate revolves, mixing the kernels so they don’t burn. Within a few minutes it’ll start popping. It’s quiet – just a low hum for the motor that turns that rod. EVERY kernel will pop if you have good kernels.

The popcorn maker costs about three times as much as the cheap air-blown ones, but it’s worth it.